The Heirloom Invitation Keepsake™

The Heirloom Invitation Keepsake™ our most popular wedding gift, is an exclusive product

and a registered trademark of Frameshack, Inc.

Standard size invitation-$130.00 plus tax. Oversize and additional handwork nominal upcharge.  Shipping available.

“A perfect gift of love that will span the generations.”

An exceptionally popular wedding gift; with a growing trend toward anniversary, christening, Bar/Bat Mitzvah gifts, and  also serves as a handsome presentation for a clock, photos and special greeting cards.

Invitation clock.jpg

History of the Heirloom Invitation Keepsake™

In 1978, our design team was approached with a challenge by a customer who wanted a special gift for a close friend who was soon to be married. A month later, and only after exhaustive work with size, shape, and color our artisans were confident enough with their design to handicraft the first Hierloom Invitation Keepsake.